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Direct MBBS Admission in Medical College in India

Direct MBBS Admission in Medical College in India

MBBS in India

If you are looking for MBBS in India then the medical schools in the country are associated with state hospitals, which offer students a large scope to deal with patients. There are several ways in which you can get admission in a medical college. The best way is to qualify the All India Pre Medical Examination which is conducted by All India Institute of Medical Sciences. On completion of the medical program, the students need to work in a hospital which is attached with the medical college.

About India

MBBS in India – offers an amalgamation of cultures, religions and races which coexist in perfect harmony. The country is brimming with creativity and life. This country is set apart from the rest of Asia by the lofty Himalayas. Apart from English language that is used in trade and politics, there are fourteen official languages in the country. The country ranks second in terms of population. Six major ethnic groups occupy this colorful nation.


Indus valley civilization, which originated in India, was the first major civilization in South Asia. The inhabitants of the civilization were known as Dravidians. It is believed that the descendants of Dravidians settled in the Southern province of the country. When Gupta dynasty ruled North India it was known as the Golden Age in Indian history. After the Mughal rule and British East India Company’s rule, India became an independent nation in 1947.


India can be divided into three main regions. The Northern part of the country is adorned by lofty and rugged Himalayas. The Indo Gangetic plain is known for its fertile and lush lands. A major portion of the country’s agriculture takes place in these plains. The central and southern portions of the country are occupied with plateaus. The three large rivers, which have created fertile deltas, are Ganges, Indus and Brahmaputra.

Why India

Indian institutes of higher studies have been playing a leading role and are recognized across the globe. They have been making a significant contribution in development and research. For medical programs, English is used as a medium of instruction. Indian medical courses are at par with the best in the world and are affordable. The greatest advantage of studying medicine in India is the large clinical exposure which is offered to aspirants.


All India Institute of Medical Institutes is a premier institute which offers an MBBS degree. In this college training and research is conducted in 42 disciplines. AIIMS leads in the field of research and offers large scope to Indian students who can enroll in any of the twenty-five clinical departments. Armed Forces Medical College Pune offers an MCI recognized MBBS degree. It is a center of advanced learning and excellence which provides training in MBBS courses. There are other reputed Medical colleges in India which are recognised by the Medical Council of India. Students can avail admission in them also.

Fee Structure

An MBBS degree in India costs very low as compared to foreign counterparts. Studying in AIIMS can be the cheapest. By shelling out hardly anything, you can earn a degree if you are an outstation candidate. If you are a local candidate, you need to spend less. Most of the expenses are paid by the government which makes the course affordable.

Admission process

Medical entrance exams serve as entry gates to MBBS course in India. The admissions are either based on the results in Senior Secondary examination or the scores in medical entrance examination. The students need to score a minimum of 50% in 12th boards. The students require submitting No Objection certificate from Department of Health, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.


Most medical institutes offer hostel accommodation to the outstation candidates. The rooms contain a cot, table and a chair. For recreational activities, the hostels provide the facilities of swimming pool, football field and gymnasium. The hostels are provided with internet facilities. All hostels include a mess which functions throughout the semester.


A well-coordinated transport system helps the students to commute to their colleges. Local students can avail buses and metros to travel to their colleges. You can travel within the city on auto-rickshaws and taxis. Cities like Kolkata and Delhi offer you the choice of travelling in metros. Mumbai offers you the facility of a well networked railway system. For inter-city travel, you can depend on buses, trains and luxury coaches.


Indian cuisine is popular for the diverse tastes and flavors which it offers. The cuisine offers exotic flavors, which are a perfect blend of available spices and herbs. Vegetarianism is a growing trend in the Indian society. Culinary traditions in India vary according to places, regions and local culture. Seafood plays a vital role in the Southern province of India. Fusion cuisines can be savored to taste Indian and foreign influences together.


Climate in India is hot, tropical and differs from region to region. During summer months, Northern India remains dry and dusty. The country receives monsoons in mid-July and September. The northern plains in the country experience extreme climate


  • Sharda Medical College
  • Rama Medical College Kanpur
  • Rama Medical College Ghaziabad
  • Subharti Medical college
  • Santosh Medical college
  • Mayo Medical college
  • Muzaffar Nagar Medical College
  • Sarswati Medical College
  • Career Institute of M.sc
  • Hind Medical College
  • Major. S.D Singh Medical College
  • Shri Ram Murti Simarak Medical College
  • Teerthankar Medical college
  • ERA Medical College
  • Divya Jyoti Medical College


  • Adichunchunagiri Institute Medical College
  • Basaveshwara Medical College
  • BR. Ambedkar College
  • JJM
  • KVG
  • M.S Ramaiah Medical College
  • Kempegowda Institute of Medical College
  • Mahadevappa Medical College
  • Nijalingappa Medical College
  • SDM Medical College
  • SS Medical College
  • Sapthagiri Medical College
  • VY Dehi Medical College
  • Subbaiah Institute of Medical
  • Srinivas Medical College
  • Raja Rajeshwari Medical College
  • Navodya Medical College
  • AL-AMEEN Medical College
  • MVJ Medical College
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College
  • KS Hegde Medical College
  • B.M Patil Medical College (BLDE)
  • Devraj URS Medical College
  • Siddhartha Medical College
  • Vinyaka Mission Medical College
  • JSS Medical College


  • Shri Guru Ram Ray
  • Himalyan Institute (jolly grant)


  • D.Y Patil Medical College, Pune
  • D.Y Patil Medical College, Mumbai
  • D.Y Patil Medical College, Kolhapur
  • Bharti Vidyapeeth
  • Bharti Vidyapeeth
  • Mahatma Gandhi Mission Medical College
  • Mahatma Gandhi Mission Medical College
  • Krishna Medical College
  • NKP Slave
  • Institute of Medical College (SATARA)
  • Terna Medical College
  • Ashwani Rural Medical College
  • Punjab Rao Deshmukh College
  • Vasantrao Pawar Medical College
  • Ullahas Patil Medical College
  • ACPM Dhule
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College


  • L.N Medical College
  • Index Medical College
  • Chirayu Medical College
  • Aurbindo Medical College
  • People’S Medical College


  • NIMS
  • Geetanjli Medical College
  • MGM


  • Narayan Medical College
  • Lord buddha Medical College
  • Katihar Medical
  • Mata Gujri Medical College


  • KPC Medical College


  • Maharishi Markandeshwar Medical College
  • Sri Guru Gobind Singh Tricentry Medical College
  • Goldfield


Direct MBBS Admission in Medical College in India

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